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Sherzaad Entertainment is currently working in partnership with various Concert Promoters around the world to organize many world class shows for Afghanistan's biggest and most established Superstar of the current generation, Ms. Aryana Sayeed.  


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Founded in 2006 and incorporated with the Government of Canada, Sherzaad Entertainment is considered the most accompished and most respected entertainment, event management and artist management company of the Afghan Community around the world. 



At Sherzaad Entertainment we believe brand promotions and marketing is vital in deciding whether a company or a product will be a success or a failure. We utilize creative ideas & the latest technology to bring your product to life. We will help you reach your customers with targeted marketing strategy.



From Afghanistan's biggest Superstar Aryana Sayeed to Afghanistan's Best Rapper Jamal Mubarez, Afghanistan's King of Pop Music Habib Qaderi or Ustad of Pashto Music, Ustad Saida Gul Maina, let us bring a sparkle to your life through concerts, product promotions and more.


“Media, Music & Entertainment are the most powerful and most influential sources of directing a society towards a brighter future."

HASIB SAYED (Founder & President of SHERZAAD)

Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, Hasib left his Motherland for India as a child in 1989 along with his family. After spending 7 years in New Delhi, Hasib and his parents along with his younger brother relocated to Toronto, Canada in 1996. After graduating from the field of Computer Science, Hasib worked at Rogers Communications for 7 years followed by being a Business Partner at Onico Solutions IT Staffing. In 2006, Hasib founded Sherzaad Entertainment to help raise the standards of media and entertainment of the Afghan Community in Toronto. While Sherzaad Entertainment initially started as a hobby and a source for community service, it slowly became a full time job for Hasib where in 2009 after organizing many community based events, Hasib turned Sherzaad Entertainment into a commercial entity by organizing major concerts in Canada and other cities around the world; including but not limited to Kabul, Afghanistan. Today, Sherzaad Entertainment is the most established and most respected event management, artist management, video and audio production and many other media related services company of the Afghan community around the world.


“If you are blessed with a talent that can influence a society, failing to utilize that to fulfill your responsibility towards others is nothing less than a major sin."


Afghanistan's biggest Superstar and the most influential artist of the current generation is the Face and CEO of Sherzaad Entertainment. Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, Aryana left her country of birth as a child, relocating to Pakistan initially and after migrating to Switzerland has eventually settled in London, England. Most recently Aryana was awarded the prestigious Freedom Award from the Atlantic Council. Over the years, Aryana has won the awards for Best New Female Artist of Afghanistan, Best Female Artist of Afghanistan, Afghan Icon Award, Best Song of the Year, Best Video of the Year, Bravery Award, Most Influential Woman of Afghanistan Award and much more. In addition to her songs and music videos, Aryana has an active role in the day-to-day business operations and decision making processes of Sherzaad Entertainment. Over the past 6 years, Aryana has already performed over 100 concerts worldwide. Aryana has also created the Boy Band Group of Aryana Band under the umbrella and management of Sherzaad Entertainment. Aryana aims to lead the upcoming ventures of Sherzaad Entertainment in the form of event management, music and video production and much more in the coming months and years. 



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